The leave-takings are often moments where opposing emotions live.  

This happens even for the retirements, when you greet a colleague, with whom you have passed both many years, and a lot of experiences together.

You can be pleased for him, but you know, that you will miss both synergy and habits.  

 In the last months we have greeted some “historical” colleagues, who were working with us for decades, and some of them since their first working day.

Just to mention a very representative one: recently, we have merrily greeted one of our colleagues, who decided not to renew the driving license, or the work contract, so to relax with his family just starting from his fantastic 90° birthday.

 We huddled together with toasts, hugs, and congratulations, thanking him for all these years passed together with us, but also being very sorry, because, up to now, we won’t see him every day. In any case we are sure that, when an opportunity arises, he will come and say us hello with his well-known usual intelligent congeniality.

 Even this is the world Trancerie Emiliane: interpersonal involvement and affection to his own position.

Only a company, where you feel well, can grow up.