The company policy is to put customers’ expectations at the center of its activities.

The Customer satisfaction and fidelity to both our company and our products are the main indicators of our success, and our main goal. 

The company policy is to follow a constantly evolving productive and commercial strategy, able to achieve growing economic results from both the economic, and the customer satisfaction point of view, proposing an extended range of products, both standard (intended for the electric motors’, and transformers’ market), and OEM (for specific customers), in line with the latest technological innovations.

For this purpose, the Management of Trancerie Emiliane S.p.A. has given instruction about the realization of a Quality Management System according to the procedures written on the Quality Manual in compliance with the International Standards. He has set up the Quality Management function, reporting directly to him, but he also pursues the constant improvement of the efficacy of his Quality Management System, applying himself to follow the following general concepts:

  • Compliance with the laws in force and the reference legislation relating to quality, security, and environment
  • Accountability, participation, and motivation of the personnel concerning the topics of Quality, and respect of customers’ requirements
  •  Prevention of defects
  • Continuous improvement of the quality, through the performance monitoring of the own processes, carrying out, when necessary, appropriate improvement actions.
  • Measurement of the adequacy of both respect and efficacy of the QMS, through  acquisition of objective data, internal and external audits, measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Availability and visibility of data recordings, which constitute the objective proof of the product conformity.
Politica Qualità Quality Policy