Ethical Code of Trancerie Emiliane


Aware that an ethical conduct is at the base of a company’s success, Trancerie Emiliane pursues with this document the strengthening of values such as justice, honesty, care for people, moral integrity, transparency and sense of responsibility, which are at the foundations of its conduct, both inside and outside the company.

With this document, Trancerie Emiliane intends to show its commitment to the principles of freedom, dignity for human beings, and respect for diversities, and wants also to express its disapproval towards child labour, and every form of exploitation.

This code completes the internal regulation of Trancerie Emiliane.


Trancerie Emiliane ensures that this code will be considered a “best practice”, and will be respected by those with whom it entertains business relationships on a lasting basis: suppliers, consultants, agents.




The principles contained in this code are accepted and shared by the Company’s Management and are addressed to all the people who may work, even occasionally, for the company.

This code defines the social and ethical guidelines that regulate the relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers, consultants, and external collaborators.

Whenever each of the addressees of this code works for Trancerie Emiliane, or interacts with other people belonging to the company; then, they are required to comply with this code.

Within the limits of local legislation, all members of Trancerie Emiliane’ workforce must be aware, that by their behaviour they represent the company, even outside working hours, if they act or it may be understood to act on behalf of Trancerie Emiliane.

Their conduct reflects on both the external reputation, and the internal culture of the company.

Trancerie Emiliane supports values, and encourages an ethical conduct, in order to create a collaborative work context, in which the dignity of each individual is going to be respected. Trancerie Emiliane expects everyone to respect each part of this code, and all current laws and regulations.

All members of the company shall treat the others as they would expect to be treated; this includes also customers, and other external parties, who have business relationships with the company.

All members and suppliers of Trancerie Emiliane shall be responsible for the company’s goods and resources, in accordance with the current norms and procedures.

All members and suppliers of Trancerie Emiliane are required to respect these regulations, and to provide each other with accurate, concrete and prompt information.

You may be asked to confirm the comprehension and adhesion to the code, or to any principle, norm or specific procedure.




Trancerie Emiliane’s ethical code is based on the principles of correctness and honesty, loyalty and respect, justice and transparency, coherence and diligence.

The addressees of this document:

-                     Are responsible for the truthfulness and authenticity of the information, that they may disclose while performing their activity;

-                     Shall avoid any situation, that may create conflicts between personal interests, and the company’s ones;

-                     Shall not pursue personal interests, not even by means of goods or equipment used in the course of their job, or by accepting or making favours or gifts.

-                     Shall respect human dignity, and diversity while performing their job.




Trancerie Emiliane pursues the goal of providing both high-quality products, which satisfy the expectations of its customers, and exhaustive information knowledgeably, professionality, politeness and transparency.

Business relationships with suppliers shall occur in accordance with criteria of impartiality, loyalty and correctness.




Trancerie Emiliane’s workers and consultants:

-                     Promote a work place, that protects worker’s dignity, and guarantees the respect of human rights, and the liberty of human beings, aside from nationality, language, sex, race, and religious belief;

-                     Commit to maintain the workplace in proper conditions, so to comply with the legal requirements for the protection of the personnel’s health and safety, and the environment;

-                     Commit to respect the environmental rules and measures for environmental safety and sustainability.


Trancerie Emiliane encourages its customers and suppliers to adhere to the same principles of respect, loyalty and equality.