Ethical Code of Trancerie Emiliane


Aware that an ethical conduct is at the core of a company's success, in this document Trancerie Emiliane pursues the establishment of such values as justice, honesty, care for people, moral integrity, transparency and responsibility, which are the foundations of its conduct, both inside and outside the company. 
With this document, Trancerie Emiliane intends to show it is committed to complying with the principles of freedom, human dignity and the respect of diversity, and that it deplores child labour and any form of exploitation. This Code is an integral and substantial part of Trancerie Emiliane's Internal Regulations.


The principles hereunder are accepted and shared by the Company's Management and are addressed to all those parties who may work, even occasionally, for the Company. This Code lays down the ethical-social guidelines that control all relations with colleagues and clients, suppliers, consultants and other professionals.


Trancerie Emiliane's Ethical Code is based on the principles of correctness and honesty, loyalty and respect, justice and transparency, diligence and consistency.
The recipients of this document

  • Are responsible for the truthfulness and honesty of the information they may disclose while performing their job
  • Shall avoid any situation that might arouse conflict between their personal interests and the Company's interests
  • Shall not pursue their personal interests, not even by means of the goods or equipment they may use while performing their job or by accepting or making favours or gifts
  • Shall respect human dignity and diversity while performing their job


Trancerie Emiliane pursues the goal of providing high-quality products that fulfil its clients' expectations and excelling at providing exhaustive information knowledgeably, professionally, politely and transparently. Business relations with suppliers shall be built on the principles of impartiality, loyalty and correctness.


Trancerie Emiliane's personnel and consultants

  • Promote a workplace that protects the personnel's dignity and the respect of human rights and freedom, regardless of nationality, language, race or religious belief
  • Keep the workplace in proper condition, so as to comply with the applicable legal requirements for the protection of the personnel's health and safety and the environment
  • Adhere to environmental rules and measures for environmental safety and sustainability

Trancerie Emiliane calls its clients and suppliers to adhere to the same principles of respect, loyalty and equality.