Quality, quality and again quality.

This is not a slogan for Trancerie Emiliane S.p.A. but a precise purpose. A categorical imperative of the company from the first step of the production’s chain: raw material research. Trancerie Emiliane S.p.A. uses only first choice material, certified according to EC norms, and located only after a close and continuous selection.

Only some of the most qualified and certified Italian and foreign steel plants become suppliers of Trancerie Emiliane S.p.A.

It is only by choosing the best raw material that it is possible to guarantee a long-lasting product, from a mechanical and electrical point of view: a security that we have been offering to our customer for more than 60 years.

The warehouse is certainly one of the Trancerie Emiliane’s strong point.

Thousands of tons of steel arrive each week in our five plants in Parma, Respiccio, Michalovce and Bromborugh.

These stocks of raw material are catalogued and stored in buildings specifically designed to keep the characteristic of the steel intact and to guarantee the stock, which is ensured thanks to the quick tracing of the material.

A guarantee for the quality, a guarantee for the customer.