Innovation and success with a human face

The history of Trancerie Emiliane could be summed up in this sentence.

An over 60-years lasting history: a journey that has led this company, manufacturer of laminations for electrical motors and transformers, to be a leader in its sector.

Its history has hands, heart and ideas: it is the story of people who have looked to the future, like its founder Mr. Pietro Felisa, a man who chased a dream, as a pioneer, merging artisan skills and his creativity with technological research.

Trancerie Emiliane was founded in the year 1955 as a small artisan company in Parma. Today it is a joint-stock company with a workforce of more than 300 people.

Currently the company is managed by Nadia, Franco and Paolo Felisa, each of whom responsible for executive positions.

Today, as in the beginning, the policy of the company is to follow a commercial production strategy always in evolution, paying close attention to market demands as well as to the requirements of each customer.

Research, innovation and advanced technology: these are the guidelines that allow Trancerie Emiliane to offer a very wide range of products, maintaining high quality standards for each of them.

Thanks to its quality, organisation and technological improvements, the company obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 1994, the EUROPE'S 500 in 1998, the ISO TS certification in 2016. and then the IATF 16949 certification in the year 2018.

Human resources do not figure in these certifications, but they are, more than ever, necessary to its success.

In fact, customer relations are the basis of the company’s policy: since 1955 Trancerie Emiliane has been offering the quality of a large, modern industrialized company through artisan methods and care.


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